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Buy Frozen Crab Meat in Dubai
As a leading frozen seafood supplier in UAE, Caviar Heritage offers cooked frozen crab online at the best price. Our menu consists of red king crab and snow crab meat, claws, and legs. It is a real delicacy, rich in protein, vitamins, and useful micro components, and is easily digestible. It is appreciated across the world by connoisseurs because of its pleasant, delicate, and juicy flavor. 

To have the best meal, you can pair the cooked frozen crab online in Dubai with freshly cut vegetables, soup, and rice. But dishes with only crab meat are more interesting and delectable. Order cooked crab from Caviar Heritage to relish the sweet taste. We are a well-known seafood supplier in Dubai delivering premium quality and fresh crab meat to your door. Our main seafood product is Beluga caviar. You can buy the delicacy along with cooked frozen crab to experience the divine taste.

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