Snow Crab Cooked Sections (Frozen)



Cooked, Frozen Product
100% Natural – no additives or preservatives.
Wild Caught in the Barents Sea
Sold per cluster: 1 Cluster = 3 legs + 1 claw.

SIZE: Cluster Size – 285g+

Earn up to 18 Caviar Coins.

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Key Features:

🦀 Genuine Quality: Premium snow crab clusters with a naturally sweet and tender profile.

🦀 Stay Fresh: Our crabs are flash frozen post-harvest to ensure you receive them at their freshest best.

🦀 Versatile Delicacy: Perfect for a range of dishes – from salads to main courses, these clusters will enhance any culinary creation.

Experience the subtle sweetness paired with a hint of ocean saltiness encapsulated in its delicate texture. Whether it’s a festive occasion or a simple weekend meal, Snow Crab Clusters from Mister Butcher are sure to take your dining experience to the next level.

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