Our Supplier

The foundation of our success at Wild North Fish lies in the quality and authenticity of our seafood products, and a pivotal element of this is our collaboration with exceptional suppliers and partners. We are delighted to introduce one of our key partners:New Alaska Volkhov LimitedNew Alaska Volkhov Limited is a reputable and distinguished supplier, specializing in the production and distribution of organic, wild-caught crab and fish. Their commitment to sourcing only the finest, organic seafood aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide our customers with top-tier products. What sets them apart is their well-established logistics infrastructure and personalized approach to each and every customer.
Key Highlights of New Alaska Volkhov Limited:Organic Products: New Alaska Volkhov Limited focuses on delivering organic, sustainably sourced seafood. Their dedication to environmentally responsible practices is in line with our commitment to quality and sustainability.Wild-Caught: They procure seafood through ethical and sustainable fishing methods. This ensures that the products we offer under Wild North Fish are not only delicious but also responsibly sourced. Logistics Expertise: With a robust logistics network, they ensure that our products reach our customers in prime condition. Their efficient supply chain management guarantees the freshness and quality of our Exotic products.

Our Partnership

Wild North Fish is also proud to be affiliated with CZRK, the parent company of all King Crab supply from Kamchatka and the Barents Sea. CZRK’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in their products. To learn more about CZRK and their contributions to the seafood industry. At Wild North Fish, we believe that partnerships with reputable suppliers like New Alaska Volkhov Limited and affiliations with esteemed entities like CZRK are fundamental to our commitment to providing the finest caviar products. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing our journey of culinary excellence with our valued partners and customers.


Oiandao Lake boasts 573km* of pure. clean waters with a clarity of up to 7 metres in a region with over 90% forest coverage, making it the perfect environment for Kaluga Queen to raise sturgeon.
Kaluga Queen uses a net cage culture method that simulates the wild habitat of the sturgeon, while Qiandao Lake’s flowing waters and high level of dissolved oxygen provide a highly conducive growth environment.

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