Mother Of Pearl Spoon


It’s a myth that; to ensure the real natural flavour of Caviar, it is always best by adhering to the tradition of serving with Mother Of Pearl Spoons.

There is a custom that caviar should not be served with a metal spoon because connoisseurs claim that metal taints the flavour of the caviar and frown upon it. Taking consider to this important fact, Caviar Heritage always insists their clients take caviar with Mother of Pearl Spoon.

Earn up to 4 Caviar Coins.

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We serve the best quality Caviar spoons range in length from 7 to 12 cm, in various types and models which may suit your practice of serving.

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Black Ceramic Handle12cm, Black Small, Black Square Small, Browne Special Design 10cm, Multicolor Green 12cm, Multicolor Red 12cm, Multicolor White 12cm, Multicolor Yellow 12cm, White Big, White Medium, White Square Medium, Wooden Handle 10cm


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